De Belgische Beroepsvereniging van Nederlandstalige Orthodontisten

De Belgische Beroepsvereniging van Nederlandstalige Orthodontisten



“Gedurfd? Mini-Screw Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion: Verbreding van de bovenkaak bij volwassenen zónder chirurgie.”


Spreker : Kapetanovic Aldin (Nijmegen)

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accreditering: goedgekeurd

nummer activiteit: 21017350

deelgebied: 6


Background: Miniscrew-Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion (MARPE) is a non-surgical treatment for transverse maxillary deficiency. However, there is need for further research of higher quality to improve the evidence base.This study aimed to investigate the efficacy of MARPE in non-growing patients by assessing the success rate, skeletal,dentoalveolar and periodontal effects with the novel Dutch Maxillary Expansion Device (D-MED).

Methods: D-MED was developed as an individualized, 3D-designed and fabricated MARPE appliance supported by 4 palatal miniscrews. Patients from the age of 16 with transverse maxillary deficiency were enrolled consecutively. Pre-expansion and immediate post-expansion CBCTs and intra-oral scans were acquired. Measurements regarding the skeletal, alveolar and dental expansion and dental and periodontal side-effects, were performed by two independent observers.

Results: 34 patients were enrolled, 8 male and 26 female, mean age of 27.0±9.4 years. A success rate of 94.1% was achieved (32/34 patients). The mean expansion duration was 30.9±8.2 days. The mean expansion at the maxillary first molars (M1) and first premolars (P1) was 6.56±1.70mm and 4.19±1.29mm, respectively. The expansion was 57.2% skeletal (3.75±1.02mm), 10.4% alveolar (0.68±1.65mm) and 32.4% dental (2.12±1.58mm) at M1 and 92.2% skeletal (3.86±0.95mm), 0.0% alveolar (0.00±1.22mm) and 7.8% dental (0.33±1.16mm) at P1, which was both statistically (p<0.001) and clinically significant. Buccal dental tipping (3.88±3.92° M1; 2.29±3.89° P1), clinical crown height increase (0.12±0.31mm M1; 0.04±0.22mm P1) and buccal bone thinning (-0.31±0.49mm M1; -0.01±0.45mm P1) were observed.

Conclusion: MARPE by application of D-MED is a highly successful, effective and safe non-surgical treatment for transverse maxillary deficiency in non-growing patients with limited side-effects.


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